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What’s so special about Squawk365?

Squawk365 gives you 360-degree visibility 365 days a year.

Our unique platform – the first of its kind in the aviation sector – lets you manage your aviation business, whether you run a pilot training school or charter operations, by gathering all your essential data together on a user-friendly dashboard.

Easily accessible from any device, Squawk365 enables you to run your business from anywhere in the world with complete visibility of fleet, pilot and student management and more.

For complete peace of mind, Squawk365 is a completely secure platform that runs exclusively from your company’s server.


For charter operations

If you run charter operations, you know the headache of finding a way to collate all your essential information in a single place.

Worry no more. Squawk365 is revolutionising operations management and record keeping with its comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that records and safeguards all your business data.

Squawk365 empowers companies to easily oversee their business no matter their location.


For aviation schools

One of the challenges of running an aviation school is keeping student, pilot and instructor records up to date.

Squawk365 allows you, your students and pilots to access training records remotely from any web-enabled device.

You can easily check whether students have achieved their competencies, while students have instant access to their records.


Accuracy, security and efficiency for everyone

Whatever your aviation business specialty, Squawk365 presents a practical and multi-faceted solution to recording and managing data for all your training operations with a whole host of benefits.


Squawk365 is accurate

Squawk 365 helps everyone do their job fast and accurately.Before Squawk365, you had to rely on the pilot’s logbook to record flying hours and data. If logbooks went astray, you would lose all that data.Now, with Squawk365, pilots or student pilots are automatically attached to the aircraft and its logbookafter they land and enter flying hours. A single number allows you to track everything accurately with no fear of paperwork being lost, or of breaching legal requirements.

Squawk365 is safe

Squawk365 tracks and records flight time, maintenance records and more, forever, taking away the worry that your records could be deleted. With Squawk365’s cloud-based hosting, there is no need to keep paperwork. Gone are the days when you had to factor storage into your business operations. Less paper is safer in these COVID times too. And because Squawk365 is installed exclusively on your own server, there is no risk of your data being shared with competitors. Squawk365 alerts help keep your operations safe. The system is enabled to track the maintenance for the aircraft you use and will alert you to the need for maintenance, and whether a pilot is approaching their daily, weekly or annual maximum flight time.

Squawk365 is efficient

Remember when a pilot or aviation business manager would have to manage all aspects of their records and paperwork single-handedly? Those days are firmly in the past. Squawk365 is the office assistant you always wished you had, seamlessly bringing together all your records and noting your costs – fuel, services and more. It does everything accurately in an easy-to-use dashboard that gives a comprehensive overview of your business. Your monthly subscription represents a cost-efficient way to track all your data electronically, with cloud hosting and optional printing, and makes reporting of pilot hours, student competency and more, a dream.

Squawk365 is compliant

Squawk 365 helps aviation companies to maintain records accurately, which in turn ensures operations are compliant with the official authorities requirements.

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